You can already do this.

You can already do this.

Let’s take a knee…

You’ve survived a risky situation that surrounds you wherever you go, yet you’re still making moves and have become better at adapting quickly to change. There’s times when you’ve had no choice but to be locked away in the unknown, against the norm and at times, terrified about what the next day will be like. You have learned that many people around you have reached their capacity for tolerance and have decided the world will go the way they expect. But you know better. You’ve learned to flirt with risk, accept that things are different, carry stress and anxiety on your back and dance with depression. You’ve had to put most of your social life on hold. You’ve had to make sacrifices much of the world still can’t fathom. You’ve wondered whether the right path is only in your head or if you’re heading down the right path. At times you feel life is passing you by as you work inside where it’s safe, lonely and quiet. You know that venturing off increases the risk, and it’s going to be that way for a very long time. Many people around you don’t take these risks seriously, but you know they’re real. And so you continue to be cautious while trying to live somewhat of a life. Regardless, you won’t stop.

What does this make you?

An entrepreneur.

Have a great day.

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