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We provide a lightweight workplace solution coupled with human-to-human interaction from day one. Telescope’s simplistic interface usability is among the key aspects of the platform. Inspired by award-winning vehicle infotainment UIs in top-shelf luxury brands, we ensure Telescope delivers a quick and easy “feel” for any user. We spend 20-30 minutes presenting all system features via complimentary video chat and our client consultants are always happy to schedule follow-ups at no extra cost.

“By promoting efficient time management and productivity principles, we aim to play a major role in growing our small business clientele into thriving enterprises. Frequent interaction through performance evaluations with our clients lets us cultivate long lasting partnerships. This further enables constant improvement of Telescope to become the ultimate go-to task management solution. We want to be there with you, for you, every step of the way.”

Darren Andre
CEO & Founder


“We focused on the core principles of simple user interface design to deliver an experience that’s organic and fluid. Telescope is a system that fluidly scales to your workload and allows you to get granular with any facet of a project. Our ongoing assistance has been paramount in ensuring client success. We’ve been able to repetitively test its adaptability because after we got things going, we used these principles to help Telescope further develop itself. Give it a try and you’ll see exactly what we mean.”

Piran Abdullah


“Telescope’s UI and components were built from scratch to plug-in to any scenario. We’ve tested our Auto and Custom Boards around many workflows that change mid-project. What’s really helpful is the system’s logic doesn’t require you to work in a particular flow- it molds to your workstyle and rewards you by staying consistently clean and organized even with complex projects. We wanted it to be something that felt the same way with every team, every time. It’s so much easier when simplicity stays consistent.”

Brad Ragazinsky
Team Lead

Checking your team’s task reports takes only a few seconds. Did you check yours today?


Telescope is the first component of a multifaceted B2B software hemisphere which will consist of a plethora of linkable, cross-compatible business tools. As with Telescope, each tool will maintain our commitment to being usable by anyone for anything, anywhere. Our B2C approach to customer service ensures Telescope and all future products continue to grow according to our clients’ needs.



A better task management interface is imagined when other products prove difficult for the average user. The idea is conceptualized as “Project 612”.


Several iterations are extensively tested following four years of research, a final UI and feature set is chosen for testing.


Telescope is publicly launched from its US hometown of Fairfax, Virginia.


Additional features such as integration with other platforms and a dedicated mobile app will be released.

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